Your conclusion should summarize your principal points and highlight the larger implications of your work. It should not be too brief or long, but it should be a balance between recapping your main points and delivering a convincing sales pitch. Having an essay conclusion can turn a five-paragraph essay into a compelling literary-critical argument. Although it cannot save a bad essay, it can make a weak essay shine.

The conclusion should be the culmination and the final word of the essay. The other pieces should have led to it. Many students tend to concentrate too heavily on their main body, which may make them miss the most important part of the essay: the conclusion. Since this will help you organize your journey it is essential to draft your conclusion before you begin writing it. Additionally, you should remember that the evidence that supports your thesis should be presented in the body of your essay.

While the conclusion shouldn’t contain any new ideas but it should be linked back to the primary topic. It shouldn’t be filled with repetitive phrases. Instead, it should summarise your main arguments and demonstrate why they are relevant to the topic at hand. Moreover, the conclusion should be in line with the tone of the rest of the paper. If it is not, the reader could wonder why it was necessary to go through the entire essay.

A conclusion that is successful should convey a sense of closure. It shouldn’t just end the discussion; rather it should indicate that the discussion is over. A strong conclusion can also trigger more questions or possibilities. In the ideal scenario, the conclusion should connect to the beginning of the essay. If it ties back to the first paragraph, readers will feel more content and confident that they should continue reading. It can also trigger emotions in your readers.

Signpost phrases and recapitulations of previous arguments should not be used in the conclusion. While this is fine if you are writing a short essay, it is not the best way to introduce new information. Rather, it should reflect on your arguments. A conclusion is a sales pitch if you’re trying to sell something. This is where you can make your impression. If you wish to make your essay stand out amongst the other essays, follow these tips.

Your conclusion is the last paragraph of your essay. It summarises the major elements of your essay. If your body paragraphs and introduction were good your conclusion should reinforce that message. This section of the essay will be disregarded. Be sure to write your thesis and the key points in the conclusion, and then paraphrase it. This makes your essay appear more professional and sophisticated.

The OWL at Purdue University provides an excellent guide to writing a convincing argument paper. Although you have to be flexible to achieve the goals of your paper It is also important to include an appeal to action or a brief summary of the future research possibilities. A well-written conclusion will make your paper stand out when you have a difficult topic or argument.